3D printing in Construction: Application framework for a robotic arm based on the extrusion technique

Auteurs :

  • Zoubeir LAFHAJ
  • Imane KRIMI
  • Zakaria DAKHLI
  • Thomas DANEL
  • Emna ATTOURI
  • Melanie DENECKER

Conférence :

  • International Conference on Smart, Sustainable and Sensuous Settlements Transformation
  • Munich, Allemagne
  • 7-8 Mars 2018

Mots clefs :

3D Concrete Printing, Robotics, Framework

Abstract :

3DCP (3D concrete printing) recently gained a rapid development and showed a large range of potential applications in construction. The latter may drastically evolve thanks to the technique used in 3D printing, which consists in an additive manufacturing process where products are built on a layer-by-layer basis, through a series of cross-sectional slices. This article examines the use of industrial existing solutions to match the need for 3DCP based on the extrusion technique in the construction industry. The first part of the paper adapts an intermediate route with existing technologies. After that, the coordination of those technologies is set to develop an operational 3D Printer. Based on this experimentation, we propose an application framework for 3D printing in construction based on the extrusion technique piloted by a robotic arm.